Tempers flare as the Housewives confront their feelings about each other. The ongoing feud between Gloria and Alana heats up, and Gloria makes shocking statements that infuriate Kimm. And, Kimm reveals the truth about her seemingly picture-perfect marriage, Alana gets a lesson in being genuine, and Dr. Phil tells Michelle " and you "how to change a damaged personal truth.



Gloria has reservations about attending the roundtable with the other women.  Dr. Phil calls out Jennifer and Alana for being critical of Gloria, and he explains to Gloria that she is their target because she represents something to them about themselves. He points out that although Gloria believes the other Housewives comments toward her don't affect her, they do, as is evident by her reaction toward them.


"Energetically, there are certain people whose energy vibrates differently than I, on a more negative level," Gloria says. "Their energy affects me to where I actually feel physically ill. So I don't care what Alana or Jennifer think of me."

Alana calls out Gloria for being fake, saying she expresses different personalities when they are alone and when she's at the roundtable.


Kimm admits that she and Gloria got off on the wrong foot, but when Gloria visited her at home, she met the genuine Gloria. "I just want you to know that you've really had a positive impact on me," she shares. 


"I'm going to be 100 percent honest with you," Gloria says to Kimm. "I think there's stuff going on with you that we all don't know about and that you're not putting on the table, and that makes me uncomfortable."



Kimm reveals that her husband has an obsessive jealous streak, where he controls her life and needs to know where she is at all times. She turns to the bottle to cope with his behavior and numb her feelings, and she's humiliated she behaves like that.



Alana says she's tired of speaking, because everyone thinks she's beating them up. Jennifer takes Alana's side, saying that she appreciates her honesty. "You've said things that I have felt that I haven't been able to say," she tells Alana.

Dr. Phil teaches Alana how to be genuine without being hurtful. "It's not being weaker. In fact, it's a higher order of evolution to be empathetically genuine, than it is to be brutally honest," he explains.

Alana responds saying that she's brutally honest with Gloria because she has no empathy for her.

"I feel that the women are benefiting from my insight, and yet they hate hearing it," Gloria says after the conversation. "They hate that I speak intelligently and with truth, and maybe they don't understand half of what I'm saying, which could be a concern. It sounds weird to them. I don't know if they understand half of what Dr. Phil is saying."


Michelle shares that her ex-fiancé was unfaithful for a year and a half during their relationship and admits that  she still has trust issues, and Dr. Phil asks Michelle if she has a damaged personal truth. She says that she does and she's trying to change it.

"Your personal truth sealed it before you went [on the date]," Dr. Phil tells her. "What do you believe about you that makes that social arena so dangerous?"


"I feel like I have two sides to me," Michelle says. "Sometimes I feel like I'm damaged, and then sometimes, recently, I feel like I am a good catch, that I have a lot to offer someone."