Dr. Phil tackles two news stories that have captivated millions. He sits down with a dad who confronted his daughter's alleged attackers, and the wife of a man who was allegedly shot by Mexican pirates.


Vigilante Dad?

Is it ever appropriate to confront your child's bullies? That's what James Jones says he did when he boarded his 12-year-old daughter, Chatari's, school bus, and the video of his tirade went viral! Did this dad cross the line? CNN contributor Roland Martin and attorney Areva Martin argue both sides of the issue.

"We have punk parents who refuse to control their own children."



Tormented Tween
Chatari, who says she was hit, called names and had condoms thrown at her, joins the discussion. Hear the tween's side of the story and learn what brings her to tears.

"It's about them; it's not about you."



Heartbroken over Her Husband

The disappearance of David Hartley reads like a murder mystery. His wife, Tiffany, says they were on vacation when David was shot in the head by Mexican pirates while jet skiing. His body was never recovered, and Mexican authorities question if the event really occurred.

Tiffany breaks down while recounting a harrowing tale.



What's Next for Tiffany?
Some have speculated whether Tiffany was involved in her husband's disappearance, but she maintains her innocence. Find out why she declined a lie detector test. Plus, Congressman Ted Poe weighs in on the investigation.


Dr. Phil has advice for coping with the loss of a loved one. 

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The Everyday Advocate: How to Stand Up for Your Autistic Child
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