Brandon and Debbie return, to help a family intervene with 23-year-old drug-addicted twins, Brooke and Tiffany. Both women have young children, who are often left to parent each other and take care of their sick mothers. The twins' parents, Dee and her ex-husband, Danny, and the twins' siblings, Ashley and Derrick, are united in the goal to save the girls' lives, but are they prepared to take a hard look at themselves?


An Addicted Family?
Brooke and Tiffany are addicted to heroin and prescription drugs. They live together with their children, two 4-year-olds and a 4-month-old, and often go on drug-finding field trips as a family. A few weeks ago, Tiffany overdosed while the children were in the next room. Dr. Phil meets with the twins' parents and siblings and is shocked by what he learns.

"Are you the only one who doesn't do drugs?" 


A Hazardous Environment
Dr. Phil cameras follow the twins for a day, capturing a normal routine of acquiring and using drugs, all the while trying to parent their three children. And, Tiffany describes her recent overdose. Dr. Phil doesn't mince words for how far he will go to keep their children safe, and delivers a wake-up call to the entire family. Will the twins agree to go to rehab?

"It's a wonder the baby wasn't dropped and killed."