Why are more and more children in their 20s taking so long to finally grow up? One theory is known as "Emerging Adulthood," which the NY Times describes as a time between 18 and 30 that is used for identity exploration, instability, self-focus or feeling in-between. Do you believe this is a legitimate reason, or is it just another excuse to live off Mom and Dad? Barbara sees her 24-year-daughter, Chelsea, for the first time in seven months when they face off on Dr. Phil's stage! Find out if Chelsea is finally ready to grow up.



Meet 24-year old Chelsea. Her childhood birthdays were over the top, she played with diamonds and rubies instead of marbles, her parents bought her a horse " and she's traveled the world. In the past two years, her mother says Chelsea has cost her over $27,000. What's to blame for her failure to launch?  


"I fear Chelsea will not become a responsible, respectable member of society."


Estranged for Seven Months

Mother and daughter sit face to face after seven months of not speaking to one another. Chelsea says she misses her mother to death, but she needs space to succeed or fail on her own. Her mother, Barbara, says Chelsea is motivated by one thing only: her checkbook.


"I miss her to death"


$36,000 Stolen from Grandma

Chelsea's grandmother, Margaret, invited Chelsea to live with her and "Papa." Now, after months of stolen prescriptions, forged checks and fraudulent charges on multiple credit cards, Margaret says she feels used.  


"She's stolen my credit cards, lied to me, and stole my car."


Tough Love

Despite a few legitimate complaints made by Chelsea, Dr. Phil gives her the reality check she needs. 


"Oh my, how we've lowered the bar."


Love Her with Boundaries

Chelsea says her mom was very critical of her weight growing up. Dr. Phil gives her mother, Barbara, new strategies to build a healthy relationship with Chelsea.  


"Teach them to fish they'll eat the rest of their lives."


After the Show

Dr. Phil joins Chelsea and her family backstage and presses her to do the right thing with the $500 she was given from Dr. Phil producers. Will Chelsea make her first attempt to re-pay her grandmother?

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