How would you react if you caught your significant other cheating? Would you stay and try to work it out? Or is infidelity an automatic deal-breaker? The Dr. Phil Housewives confront Jennifer's cheating husband, Peter, about his affair, which sparks a candid conversation with Dr. Phil about infidelity. If you've felt the pain of being scorned, learn the steps you need to take to move forward. And, Kimm says she's made dramatic changes, so why don't the other Housewives believe her?


Meet Jennifer's Husband, Peter

A week before Jennifer joined the Housewives, her husband, Peter, admitted that he cheated on her. Peter joins the women for a roundtable discussion. Becoming emotional, he tells the women that he loves Jennifer and wants to move forward. "I haven't treated her right in a long time, and I want to fix that," he says, acknowledging that the affair has devastated her.

Jennifer and Peter were intimate once a year during their marriage, and they went for two years without having sex, even though she pursued him. She eventually stopped, because his rejection caused her to have low self-esteem. Dr. Phil points out that Peter was willing to have sex with another woman, but not his wife. Peter says he felt critiqued by Jennifer and compared to her ex-husband.


Dr. Phil asks the couple why they never discussed the fact that they were participating in a sexless marriage. Jennifer says she tried to discuss it with Peter, but he would shut her down.

The Housewives Confront Peter
Rachael says that there had to be something else going on in the marriage leading it to be sexless. Gloria chimes in. "The affair is totally your responsibility and accountability, however, I believe you both need to be accountable for the 16 years where you didn't have sex," she says. "I think it takes two to tango."

"It's always the one without a man giving the advice," Alana says to Gloria, spurring an argument.

When Jennifer confronted Peter about the affair, she says Peter denied it. She says he made her feel like garbage and told her mean and hurtful things, like the affair was none of her * business. She adds that he isolated himself from her and their son and spoke to them rudely. Peter denies Jennifer's statements, and Dr. Phil calls him out for ignoring the truth.

Jennifer Lets Loose
Peter and Jennifer have reignited their intimacy since the affair, but they have to have protected sex, because he was unprotected with the woman with whom he had the affair.

Jennifer is furious that Peter and the other woman disrespected her in her own house, and she has not held back her anger. She admits she keyed Peter's car twice, so he would see it every day and remember what he did to her. She also made him get a tattoo, even though he hates tattoos. Peter agreed to it, explaining, "I wanted to show her that I'm fully committed and serious about this relationship and staying together. She can take whatever time she needs."


Dr. Phil drills down to determine why Peter was unengaged, unmotivated and not attracted to Jennifer. Peter says there's nothing wrong with Jennifer, and she did nothing wrong. He admits he feels intimidated by her.

Alana tells Peter, "I just want you to wake up. You have a good thing. What you think is probably trash is gold to another man, and if you don't open up and give her your all, you're going to lose a good thing."

Dr. Phil tells Peter he ran the relationship into the ditch, and it's now his responsibility to do whatever it takes to save it, for however long it takes. He tells Jennifer that at some point, she must take a risk and forgive Peter, because if she doesn't, it's a life sentence for both of them. He impresses on her that she must take care of herself as well.

Is Kimm Making Changes?

Dr. Phil tells the women that people do what works for them in life. He mentions that Kimm only lies in bed all day because she's getting a payoff " Idalia taking care of her. She says that she's trying to change her ways, and even Idalia has noticed.

Kimm says that she doesn't understand why Dr. Phil put her through the experiment, and she maintains that she now gets out of bed and only goes back at bedtime. Alana and Gloria don't buy it.

Dr. Phil calls out Kimm for not pulling her own weight. "I don't know why we have to drag you," he tells her, pointing out that she's intelligent and able-bodied. "There are givers and there are takers in this world, and you, girl, are a taker."

Alana shares that she believes that Kimm only changes when the cameras are rolling.

"We're here to help each other," Dr. Phil tells the women. "If this world could take a deep breath and just decide that that was just one thing we were going to do, this world could literally change overnight." 

Is Kimm making changes, or will she return to her old ways?

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