Rachael drops a bombshell on the Housewives, and it causes the other women to take sides. Find out who supports Rachael and who tells her she needs major therapy. And, Rachael faces off with her mother, Stanette, about her truth over her childhood. Was she verbally abused? Will the truth finally come out? 


Rachael Reveals a Secret
Dr. Phil implores the women to take off their social masks and plunge into the process, or they're only cheating themselves. He adds that Rachael has lied to them by not being transparent.

Rachael shares that neither she nor her boyfriend, Angel, can provide for the baby or themselves, and they are living with Angel's parents. Angel wants to get married, but Rachael isn't ready to make that commitment. Dr. Phil says he doesn't know whether to give Rachael congratulations or condolences, but he offers to help her prepare to bring a baby into the world.

"Your mother is describing Angel the way you describe your biological father and your stepfather," Dr. Phil tells Rachael.

Gloria continues to point out that Rachael needs to change her behavior before she can raise a child, and the other Housewives grow tired of her comments and condescension.

Rachael's Mother, Stanette, Joins the Roundtable
Rachael says she can't forgive her mother for letting her stepfather hurt her by calling her derogatory names. She adds that her mother also tells her she makes up events of her past.

Stanette joins the women. Rachael reveals that she's anxious speaking with her mom, and she breaks down, saying that her mom is always negative, and she's tired of hearing it. She adds that she's always been a go-getter, so having a baby is not going to stop her from accomplishing her goals.

Gloria says that Stanette is in denial, and she confronts her for allegedly letting Rachael be verbally abused. "It was very, very sad that she kept using the words that it was Rachael's perception that she was abused. She didn't want to be held accountable," Gloria says.

Alana agrees that Stanette is in denial. "The greatest thing you can do for her is admit that you were wrong and move forward," she says.


Will the Truth Come Out?
Dr. Phil tells Stanette that if Rachael is telling the truth as she sees it, Stanette must own it and attempt to heal the pain. "You don't say, ‘Get over it,' or, ‘That's your perception,'" he says.

Stanette finally admits that Rachael was called derogatory names. Dr. Phil tells her that she might not have been able to stop it the first time, but she had the power to prevent it from happening again and again.

Stanette tells Rachael that she doesn't want her to lead the life she led. She encourages her daughter, telling her that she's proud of her and admires her spark and determination.


Rachael's Relationship with Her Boyfriend, Angel
During an argument between Rachael and her boyfriend, Angel, he called her names, so she threw her coffee at him. He then threw his cup of coffee at her. "He has some of the same anger problems that I do, and when we start fighting, neither one of us are able to control any of the words that we say or our anger," Rachael shares.

Dr. Phil points out that through the example Stanette set, she helped Rachael choose Angel. Stanette agrees and says that's why she wants Rachael to be away from the young man, because she sees the same signs she saw in her own relationships. She implores her daughter to move forward in a different direction.

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