Statistics show that 2,000 teens get pregnant every day, and 75 percent of teen moms go on welfare within five years of their baby's birth. Moms and dads: Watch this show with your teenagers, because it can impact their lives and yours! Two families face off over who should raise 2-month-old Miley. Paige, 17, and her boyfriend, Jordan, 18, live with Jordan's dad, Chris, and are determined to raise their child, but Paige's stepmom, Nikki, thinks she and her husband should raise Miley, because they can better provide for her.


Does Family Really Know Best?

Everyone thinks they know what's best for baby Miley and her two teenage parents, but as the debate wages, does the young mother have a voice in her future and who raises her child?


"We've watched her go downhill." 

Tempers Skyrocket

The Dr. Phil stage becomes heated as tempers soar. Find out which guest Dr. Phil scolds sternly. Plus, will these families let the past be the past?


"You have no concerns about teen parents raising a baby?" 


Is Love Enough to Raise a Baby?

While the teens attempt to raise a baby, support themselves, and go to school, they may me making some very serious mistakes. Dr. Phil points out what could have been a fatal mishap.


"You need a new doctor!"


Dangerous Real-Life Consequences

They have shown bad judgement more than once, but have they cleaned up their act? Has Miley's arrival inspired the teens to grow up? Dr. Phil delivers a powerful message.  


"Well, that moment is going to last over 20 years of parenting here." 


A Wake-Up Call?

Find out what Paige says she misses most and what brings her to tears. Will the family reconcile for the sake of little Miley?


"She's over there living with a couple guys and a baby."