Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Renee, a woman who says she fears her husband, Charles, will kill her. She says Charles has been arrested and charged with domestic assault three times, and he went to prison for two years. Charles, who has been out of prison over a year, admits that he verbally abuses his wife, but he accuses her of cheating on him.


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Relationship Rollercoaster

Renee says she kicked Charles out at least 20 times, but she always takes him back. She reveals why she stays in this volatile relationship. Plus, Dr. Phil drills down to find out what's at the root of Charles' anger.


"I think [Renee] is full of crap."


Children Caught in the Crossfire

Renee and Charles' three kids speak up about the fighting in their home, and Renee makes a startling confession concerning her 14-year-old son. Plus, Dr. Phil goes backstage to have a heart-to-heart talk with the boy.


Will Renee stay with her husband, or will she walk away for good?  



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