Dr. Phil confronts Alana, who tends to be outspoken, about the way she reacts to other people. Does she go too far? You be the judge when she takes on two Housewives in a heated argument. And, Alana's older sister, Ashley, reveals her thoughts about their childhood and why she believes her sister carries so much resentment, bringing Alana to tears. Plus, the competition heats up when the Housewives move into The Dr. Phil House overnight. Will the close quarters magnify their feuds or bring them together? 


Overreacting or Misunderstood?
Dr. Phil calls out Alana for always telling people she is going to whoop their ass, noting that she even told Dr. Phil that she was going to bump heads with him. "Do you not get that your reactions are exponentially disproportionate? They're overkill," he says.

"No. I think I actually underreact," she says.

Dr. Phil plays a tape where Alana says she doesn't care about Gloria's energy and she hopes she leaves. "Everything Gloria says pisses me off," she says. "I thought I was changing. I was actually proud of myself. I was happy. Then today, this old devil comes in brings all this negative 'energy' and just totally threw me off."

Gloria tells Alana to take responsibility for her own actions. "You just give me so much power, and the sad thing is you're a very powerful woman, and you use it negatively," she says to Alana.


Dr. Phil tells Alana that others have power to influence, hurt, upset and bother her. If she is fragile and doesn't know who she is, those comments can create turmoil within her. If she knows her authentic self, she won't let the comments affect her. 

Alana's Sister, Ashley, Joins the Roundtable
Dr. Phil plays a video in which Alana's sister, Ashley, reveals her thoughts about her younger sibling's childhood.

"When Alana was overweight, she was very tolerant of people, because she wanted people to accept her. As of now, she's not tolerant at all," Ashley shares. "When Alana meets other girls who are skinnier, nice looking, and she feels there's competition, she will lash out at them. The first thing she'll be like, ‘Oh, skinny bitch.' That's her favorite line."

Ashley explains that after Alana lost weight, she created a new identity for herself, changing the pronunciation of her name, having numerous surgeries and carrying herself differently. Alana explains that she underwent the surgeries because she had extra skin after losing weight with gastric bypass.

Alana says that growing up, her sister was a size 2, model figure. "Glitz and glamour was all around her, and I was just pushed back in the corner, and I think it was all because of my weight," she said. "My sister, she used to grab my love handles, and be like, 'Hamburger, cheeseburger, French fries.' It made me feel worthless. I was the biggest one at school, so no one actually knew what I was going through. I couldn't turn to anyone in my family, so, as you can tell, I was very hurt." She wipes away tears.

Ashley says that their mother treated all the kids the same, and she didn't know how Alana felt. "It was not until I was in her home and saw those pictures, and I went to her, and I apologized, and that's when I got emotional, because I was like, I can imagine what she was going through," Ashley explains, adding that it was only six months ago.

Moving into The Dr. Phil House
Dr. Phil tells the six women that they are moving into The Dr. Phil House and will be assigned roommates. The women are surprised and have trepidations. "I do not look forward to spending the night at the house with the ladies," Gloria says. "I love the comfort of my own bed. I love my mediation room at home. I love a peaceful, good, energetic environment. Four women there don't like me. It sounds like a nightmare to me."

In a video message, Dr. Phil tells the women to divide into two teams, and he assigns them a cooking challenge, revealing that there will be a cash prize for the winning team. Kimm, Rachael and Jennifer become the purple team, and Gloria, Alana and Michelle are team green. The women divide the duties, and Gloria and Kimm head to the grocery store.

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