Dr. Phil continues his campaign to End the Silence on Domestic Violence by sitting down with Charles and Renee, a couple who say they are desperately seeking help to stop the pattern of abuse and control in their marriage. Find out why Dr. Phil believes this is a lethal situation whether Renee stays or goes.  


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Love is Not Fear

While Charles waits backstage, Dr. Phil speaks to Renee about the frequent and violent abuse she says she suffers at the hands of her husband. Learn the many types of abuse Renee endures and find out why she says she not only lets it happen, but why she believes it's her own fault. Plus, Dr. Phil delivers a message to Renee of the gravest concern.


"You have lost yourself."


Soul Mates?

Charles sits down with Dr. Phil for the first time and lays out the abuse he says he inflicts on his wife in great detail. You'll be shocked to learn why, given everything, he still says his wife is his soul mate. Plus, learn what Dr. Phil really thinks of Charles. It may surprise you!


"I'm not the crazy one."


Bipolar Opposites

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Charles. Find out what Dr. Phil says is in the couple's past that should draw compassion, but Charles uses as a reason for his attacks. Plus, Dr. Phil explores a theory as to why Charles was attracted to Renee.


"I'm not the only one who thinks you're crossing the line."

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