Screaming, making excuses, irrational outbursts ... No one understands the behavior of a drug addict better than Brandon. After his intervention and many ups and downs in his recovery, Brandon is now five years sober. He and his mother, Debbie, are paying it forward by helping other families perform life-saving interventions for their addicted loved ones. Now, Brandon meets his match.

Drug-Fueled Rage
Five months ago, Kim's family performed an intervention on her 23-year-old daughter, Jaime, who's addicted to OxyContin. After agreeing to go to a detox facility, Jaime checked herself out and tried to commit suicide. Now, Kim says Jaime has started injecting cocaine and takes any opiate she can get her hands on. After seeing Dr. Phil's intervention with Karli, Kim wrote to Dr. Phil for help.

Brandon and Debbie meet an explosive young woman. 



Karli Returns 
Karli, 21, was addicted to heroin and OxyContin. She suffered seizures and had overdosed and relapsed many times. She had a plan for detoxing by herself, but Dr. Phil and her family had another plan. See how Karli is doing now! Plus, find out if Jaime accepted treatment and where she is now.

"I never thought I'd even be alive right now."