The drama continues in The Dr. Phil House as the Housewives prepare their meals for the cooking competition! See who wins and who's a sore loser. And, when Dr. Phil asks the women to anonymously write down what they think the others are in denial about, one of the women can't take the criticism and packs her bags to leave.


Cooking Competition
The women have divided into two teams for a cooking challenge. Gloria, Alana and Michelle are Team Green and Kimm, Jennifer and Rachael are Team Purple. Each team must cook a dish, and the winners will receive a monetary prize. As the women begin to cook their meals, Alana teaches Michelle what the different kitchen utensils are and how to prepare their dish.


"The most important thing about this competition is winning the money," Alana says, as she hides ingredients from the other team and pours spices in their broth, among other things. "We had a plan, and our plan was called Operation Sabotage."

Kimm catches on to the Green Team's ways, and she hides the garlic press from them. "That was my getting even," she says.


And the Winner Is ...
Devin Alexander, best-selling author and columnist for Men's Fitness and Women's Health, judges the women, based on speed, accuracy and taste.

Dr. Phil tells the women that donated $5,000 as the prize: $1,500 goes to the women, and the other $3,500 is for charity. "I want all six of you to sit down over dinner and decide what charity gets the $3,500. It has to be a unanimous agreement, or it goes nowhere," he says.

The women decide to donate the money to St. Jude's.

Dr. Phil reflects on the challenge. "Alana's behavior with guest judge Devin Alexander is completely uncalled for. It's childish," he says. "I know she may think she's light years ahead of the other women, but it's obvious to me she still has a lot to work on."


Could the Psychic Predict This?
Gloria's psychic, Usha, visits the women at the house and performs palm readings. While she speaks with the women, Alana is interviewed in another room.


Criticism Hurts
To help clear the air, Dr. Phil asks the women to anonymously write down something that irritates them about the other women or something the others are in denial about.

As they walk into the room to read the comments written about them, Gloria announces, "This is going to be mean. I don't want to do this. I don't want to fight with anybody."

Michelle gets Gloria's cards, and Gloria reads them in front of her and Usha. The other women comment that Michelle needs to toughen up and not be sucked into Gloria's problems. They also express that they're tired of Gloria's antics. "She's breaking us up as a group," Alana says. "Every time we get close, she throws off this thing and breaks us all up."

"And then she has Michelle running after her to protect her," Kimm adds.

Gloria maintains that she's misunderstood in the group, but she stays in the house because Michelle decides to sleep in her room. Previously, Rachael was Gloria's roommate.

Commenting on the women's behavior, Dr. Phil says, "I find it so interesting that Gloria has no trouble dishing out remarks about the other women in the confession booth, but when it comes time for her to hear about her own flaws, she really seems to not be able to take the heat."


Surprise Wake-Up Call
At 5:45 a.m. the next morning, Gloria wakes up. "I'm not a good waker-upper," she says. "I don't like to be spoken to. I like some privacy in the morning. I need to have a cup of coffee or two."

The other women get a surprise wake-up visit from 24 Hour Fitness trainer Ben. He tells them to prepare for a workout.

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