When Erica Rose and Josie Goldberg were last on the show, the reality TV starlets caused a buzz on the Facebook and Twitter. Now the 20-somethings are back to face their critics, and they brought reinforcements " Team Erica and Team Josie! Plus, Kelly Cutrone, PR maven and Dr. Phil special contributor, weighs in!


After the Show

Tempers flare backstage as Josie and her mother, Alla, reflect on their showdown with Kelly Cutrone. And, Erica shares her thoughts about Josie.


Still Spoiled?
Josie and Erica describe how they've changed since being on the show. Plus, a woman from Team Reality confronts Josie about her attitude.

"You disgust me."



Tough Talk about Talent
Kelly Cutrone returns to give the ladies a reality check. Find out what happens when Josie flies to New York to be Kelly's intern for a fashion shoot. Will Josie walk the runway or will Kelly give her her walking papers?


"I really think she is suffering from a very, very, very serious mental disorder."



Gavels and Glamour

Erica wants to set the record straight about her image, and, a woman from Team Erica weighs in. Plus, Kelly has a heart-to-heart with Erica about her chances of making it in the industry.

"I think she does kind of play up the dumb blonde thing sometimes." 

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