Dr. Phil shines a spotlight on what's been called one of the most shocking cases of bullying school officials have ever seen. Zach, a 14-year-old student, was allegedly held against his will while four older boys from school tattooed a lewd phrase on his buttocks. Now, his parents come face to face with the mother of the convicted ringleader, Blake. And, Blake, who was just released from jail, has a message for Zach.


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More Than Skin Deep
Zach's parents, Michael and Tammy, say they still feel enraged by the incident and don't understand how something so cruel could have happened to their son. Plus, Zach speaks up about what he says is his treatment at the hands of his attackers. 


"My son was violated."



Defending Her Son

Patti's son, Blake, was one of four teens accused of tattooing the obscene phrase on Zach's buttocks. But  Patti says that there's another version of the story the media aren't telling.


Patti explains what bothers her the most about the incident.



The Accused Speaks

Patti's 18-year-old son, Blake, was recently released after spending four months in jail. He was convicted of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of simple assault. He says he has a message for Zach.


 "Are you suggesting that you're a victim here, that you haven't done anything wrong?"



Mean Girl? 

Lizette fears that she's raising a bully. She says her 13-year-old daughter, Annmarie, is manipulative and mean, and she was shocked to see a YouTube video of the teen fighting another girl! What's really behind Annmarie's anger, and can she get her temper under control?


"Am I raising a Jeffrey Dahmer?" 

Extra Content

  • Concord High School Statement:
    Principal Gene Connolly told reporters, "This is by far, "[in] my 30 years as an educator, the worst event that I've ever had to deal with." Connolly said, "Folks have been using the word bullying. I almost think it's more horrific than bullying."

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