Paul was his family's rock and role model, so when he suddenly passed away, his wife and four children say their lives were shattered. Debbie, who was married to Paul for 30 years, says she shut down after his death and doesn't know how to unite her brood. Sisters Jamie, Erica and Tayler say they don't know how to properly grieve, they're always fighting with each other and they're upset that their brother, Paul, turned his back on them. Find out the secret Erica's been keeping that threatens to throw everyone into further turmoil.

A Heartbroken Family

One year after his death, Paul's widow and the four children he left behind still struggle to make sense of their loss. As they grieve, their loneliness mounts and drives a further wedge between the once close-knit family. Can Dr. Phil find common ground to unite the family in their grief? Plus, find out why the family's matriarch says she's failed her own kin.

"I cry every single day."

The Right Way to Grieve
The grieving women say they are united by one fact " their resentment towards the junior Paul. They say Paul's ease in finding peace and continuing to move forward in his life after his father's death angers his sisters causing Dr. Phil to deliver an unyielding message regarding the realities of grief. Plus, find out what Dr. Phil really thinks about the way Paul is coping.

"I miss my father ... I just don't wake up every morning and let it ruin my day."

An Escape from the Pain

The family all say they want desperately to move on, but one thing is holding them back " sister, Erica's, dependency on prescription painkillers and an ever-growing addiction to heroin. The drug use has embroiled the sisters in heated arguments often resulting in physical violence. While Dr. Phil learns of the last time Erica did drugs, silencing her family, find out why she says her failure to quit isn't her fault. 

"I don't think anything I am doing is OK."

Dr. Phil Speaks for Paul

Without a patriarch, Dr. Phil steps in as the voice of reason, delivering a stern warning for a lost daughter addicted to drugs. You'll be surprised to learn the alarming message he has for Debbie and Tayler, as well. As Dr. Phil gives the family coping tools to handle their lingering grief, an expert guest decides if Erica can be saved at all.

"You should be petrified of a lot of things."

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