Are you keeping a deep, dark secret and fear the day everyone will find out? Marion Jones shares the lie that tore her world apart and why she wants to be remembered for her worst mistake. Plus, a wife and mother struggles to put the pieces of her marriage back together after her husband's shocking confession.

Perfect on the Outside
Kim thought she was living the perfect life with her pastor husband and five children, until a shocking confession sent her reeling. Find out what her husband, Brian, has been hiding, and why she wonders if their 10-year marriage was all just a lie. Is there hope to save this union?

"I knew he was lying to me about something." 


On the Right Track

Marion Jones was the first woman ever to win five medals in one Olympics. In 2003, the track star was subpoenaed to testify in a federal investigation into illegal steroid distribution. She was granted immunity from prosecution if she told the truth. Four years later, she confessed that she lied and was put behind bars. Marion recounts her fall from grace and her journey to rebuild her life in her book, On the Right Track.

Dr. Phil has some tough questions for the athlete. 

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