What would you do if you found out your spouse was hiding a major secret? Dr. Phil sits down with couples struggling to figure out their next step after learning a deep, dark secret.


A Suppressed Secret
Joseph and Natalie have been married less than six months and both say they're very much in love, but a playful game of dress up awakened repressed feelings from Joseph's childhood, and now he questions his sexual identity. Are his cross-dressing desires just a phase or indicative of lifelong transgender identity? Is Natalie prepared to hear the truth, and can their marriage survive?

"It's the only way I could be myself." 


A Lie That Snowballed?
Carrie caught her husband, Ed, in not just one huge lie, but many! Ed has so many secret ex-wives, children and grandchildren that Dr. Phil has to use a dry erase board to sketch out the new family tree! Are his lies marriage deal-breakers, or can this couple start over from scratch? And, does Ed have more to confess?

"It's just gotten bigger and bigger."


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