Shocking video, vulgar images and an online romance gone seriously awry " today's guests ask Dr. Phil how to move forward after their worst nightmares played out on the Internet.  

Boomerang Ben
Ben's parents, Barbi and Tom, say they supported him through numerous failed job opportunities that landed him back at home, so when he showed promise in the police academy, his mother and father financed his dream.  What they never expected was for that dream to turn in to shocking Internet video that even Dr. Phil calls one of the dumbest things he's ever seen.

"We feel taken advantage of. We feel screwed."

World Wide Web of Lies
Kaitlynn's senior year of high school turned tragic when a fictitious profile containing vulgar images claiming to belong to the teen showed up on Facebook and drew scores of stalkers. As Kaitlynn and her family navigate around a system not prepared to handle cyberbullying, they struggle to bring the perpetrator to justice and keep the teenager safe. Plus, hear from the deputy assistant prosecutor on the case.

"It's an open case as far as I'm concerned."


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Fishing for Friend or Foe?
Nev met Abby, and through Abby, Angela, and through Angela, Megan. Nev says his romance with Megan grew " and not Nev, nor Abby, Angela or Megan had met. The documentary, Catfish, follows Nev to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he pulled back the curtain on a world where nothing was what it seemed. Learn what Nev discovered, and why his story is one of Internet safety " and compassion.

"I thought it was charming and adorable."

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