Recently, Marcus Lamb, co-founder of the fastest-growing Christian network in the country, Daystar Television, opened up about an affair he had several years ago. He says that three people wanted $7.5 million to keep quiet about his indiscretion, so he and his wife, Joni, decided to share their story with the public. Learn how to move forward after infidelity and make your marriage stronger than before.

Family Crisis
Marcus and Joni Lamb share their story of infidelity, scandal and alleged extortion. Find out why they're sharing their story and how they got back on track.


Did Joni notice any warning signs? 


Saving a Marriage
After deciding they wanted to repair their marriage, Marcus and Joni reached out the Fred and Anna Kendall, who've been counseling couples on marriage for over 30 years. Do they think Marcus is repentant? And, Dr. Phil explains how to move forward after infidelity and tells Joni why he disagrees with some of her previous statements.


"That is a marriage issue. That's not an infidelity issue." 


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