As the Housewives hit the pavement with trainer Ben, one of them quits the competition early. When Alana calls out Gloria about her lack of participation, will sparks fly? And, Michelle confronts Gloria about being defensive and admits she's under tremendous pressure to maintain their friendship. Gloria goes on the attack. How will this intense tug-of-war end? Plus, Gloria meets a matchmaker and learns an embarrassing truth.



Working Out with Ben
The women " minus Gloria " arrive at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for their workout. Ben informs them that whomever can go up and down the aisles the furthest won't have to do 100 push-ups. Michelle wins, and Alana refuses to do the push-ups.


On the ride back from exercising, Kimm and Michelle comment that Ben is very attractive. Noting that Ben is married, Jennifer gets upset hearing the comments. "I think that Ben is a class act, and the way the women have talked to him is very disrespectful," she says. "I know it's all in fun, but he's a married man. You don't do that."

Friends and Enemies Face Off
When the women return to The Dr. Phil House, Gloria reveals that she was hurt from the events of the previous night, so she chose not to attend the workout. She apologizes to Alana for invading her privacy.

Alana says she appreciates the apology, but in an interview, she reveals, "I cannot stand Gloria. She stresses me out. Her energy is all * up."

Gloria expresses that she believes the women are trying to sabotage her relationship with Michelle, but Michelle informs her that she's not going to let that happen.

"I have been Gloria's cheerleader because we are friends, and I'm a very loyal-to-the-bone friend," Michelle shares. "But I'm not a pushover."

Gloria breaks down and tells Michelle that she can no longer participate in the process. Michelle tries to persuade her from quitting, but lets her go. "I don't think she listens to me. I think she's discrediting that I have some intelligence to offer and that I have some insight, and so it was hurting me that she wasn't really listening to anything I said," Michelle says.

Gloria leaves, saying that it's too painful for her to be at The House. "I don't need this," she says. "I have people in my life who love me, who support me, who forgive me when I do something wrong. Why be here? Why do this? Why be insulted incessantly by these women?"



Soul Searching after the Sleepover

A week after the sleepover, Dr. Phil meets with the women to discuss what they learned about themselves and each other. He asks Gloria and Michelle about their relationship during the overnight. Gloria shares, "I think Michelle is a huge support. I can understand it gets exhausting for her to have to defend her friendship and defend me, endlessly, so I understand you get beaten down by that. But I felt like she really stepped up to the plate."

Michelle admits she snapped at Gloria because she wanted her to be more participatory in the activities.


Alana's Anger
Dr. Phil asks the women, "What have you learned about yourself by what you have observed yourself doing in this process, and in your life, since this process started?"

So that Alana can observe her behavior, Dr. Phil plays a compilation video of her threatening to physically harm others when they upset her. Alana laughs and says she doesn't mind others seeing her that way, because she knows they won't mess with her.

Michelle says, "I don't think this is who she really is. I've seen how sweet and sensitive you are."

Dr. Phil points out that Alana physically threatens people, and that type of behavior is the least sophisticated way of interacting with others.

"Now that I'm aware of it, I will work on it," Alana says.


Learning to Trust

Dr. Phil asks Michelle about her trust issues. She explains that she trusts herself in business but not in personal relationships. "I feel like I have such a big heart that I care about everyone," she says. "It is safer for me to be lonely, because I'm so sick of being hurt." She adds that ever since she broke up with her fiancé, she's been terrified and has avoided getting back to the dating scene.

Gloria Meets a Matchmaker
On the hunt to find a mate, Gloria meets with Julie Ferman from Cupid's Coach. Tune in to see the embarrassing truth Gloria learns!

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