The holidays are supposed to be a time to bring loved ones together from near and far, however, meet one family who says it's just a hassle. The once close-knit brood says small squabbles have torn their family apart. Can Dr. Phil get to the root of the anger and reunite them " and just in time for the holidays?


Silent Fight

Gwen sits among her seven children for the first time since a family reunion went awry. Her daughter, Asha opened her home to her mother, but why is Gwen demanding an apology? Felisha hasn't spoken to her mother in nine months but says she's not sure why they aren't speaking. Can Dr. Phil get this group to open up and start talking to each other?


"Do I not run across your mind for nine months?"  




'Tis the Season to be Fighting?

Each member of this family has their individual gripe against their mother, but they all agree her love of gossip is a serious problem. Plus, learn why Felisha thinks she is an outcast. And, what would leave Gwen weeping?


"Talk through the tears." 




O Christmas Tree

A large Christmas tree adornes the stage with an ornament for each member of the family. As each sibling is heard, their ornament is lit. Will Gwen hear her children's woes and agree to set aside their issues for peace this Christmas? And, will Gwen's tree topping light shine bright?


"Don't put your relationship on the line for those things."






Web Exclusive 







Gifts to bring the family together.

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