After our last show about obsessive-compulsive disorder, many viewers responded on the message boards or by writing in, letting Dr. Phil know that they too have some form of this behavior and are thankful that the topic is being discussed.

A Follow-Up with Phyllis
Phyllis couldn't stop herself from cleaning 12 to 15 hours a day. Her obsessive behavior caused constant arguments with her daughter, who Phyllis hoped wouldn't grow up to remember her as "the lady who just cleaned all the time."

See how her life has changed.



A Fear of Germs
Pam is so afraid of germs that she washes her hands up to 30 times a day, wears rubber gloves while fixing meals for her family and hasn't been in a public restroom in seven years. She fears she is passing her behavior on to her kids and that her husband won't tolerate her ways any longer.

A Clean Freak Husband
Ashley is frustrated because her spouse, David, is obsessed with cleaning. "I am a better cleaner than everybody else, because I pay strict attention to detail," says David, who admits to vacuuming in a way that leaves perfectly straight lines on the carpet, and combing the fringes on his rug.



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