Families are rocked to the core when children go missing, but oftentimes it is a parent who kidnaps the child, leaving the other parent in a desperate search. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there are over 200,000 kidnappings by family members every year.

Three Missed Childhoods
Fifteen years ago, John Clark came home from work to find his wife, Eileen, and three children missing, with only a cryptic note saying they were going on vacation. He never heard from his family again. John never gave up hope that he'd one day find his now ex-wife and three adult kids. After years of working with private investigators, district attorneys and the FBI, he finally receives good news.

"It was the greatest news I'd had in the last 14 years." 



A Reason for Running?
Find out why Eileen says she ran. John takes a lie detector test to prove her allegations are false. Find out if he passes! Plus, John explains what he wants his children to know about him.  


"I just don't believe that you ever quit on your kids." 



A Child's Perspective
Deanna was abducted by her father when she was just 6 years old. She shares her story to give John an idea of what his children may be going through. Plus, Dr. Phil advises John on how to proceed with reuniting with his children.


"I had suppressed the truth of everything: I was kidnapped."