The holidays are over, but for many, the battle of the bulge has just begun. If you're ready to take charge of your weight in 2011, join Dr. Phil as he kicks off the 17 Day Diet Challenge! Based on the revolutionary new book by Dr. Mike Moreno, the program helps you whittle your waistline and shed pounds fast.


Ready for a Change

Dr. Phil launches the 17 Day Diet Challenge with Kim, Clint and Bekki, who appeared on the episode "The Holiday 12." When the trio last sat across from Dr. Phil, they said they were desperate to shed pounds. Learn how they " and you " can have a return to health.


"Dr. Phil, you honestly have saved my life."


The Competition Heats Up!

Seven contestants " Chanel, Amanda, Tracy, Brad, Joni, Tom and Kristina " join Kim, Clint and Bekki in the 17 Day Diet Challenge. Dr. Phil and Dr. Travis Stork, host of the Emmy Award-winning show The Doctors, shake up the competition by dividing the group into Team Dr. Phil and Team Doctors, who'll go head to head against each other to lose weight and win amazing prizes.


Watch the preliminary competitions on Dr. Phil's stage!

Extra Content

The 17 Day Diet
by Dr. Mike Moreno
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