Is it cheating to take office supplies home from work or to keep the change when a clerk gives you back too much? When are the boundaries crossed? Dr. Phil talks to a woman who was involved in a major school scandal as a student, and he hears from teens who say they're under great pressure to succeed.


Audience Experiment
How honest are Dr. Phil's audience members? You won't believe what happens when he flips the script on them before the show!

Shocking School Scandal

Jolie was involved in the high profile Steinmetz Academic Decathlon scandal, where students say they received a copy of the test from their coach, Jerry Plecki, before the competition. Jolie says she'll do whatever it takes to win, and she would cheat all over again.


Hear Jolie's shocking message to her own children about cheating.

Pressure for Perfection

Learn the surprising lengths some college kids say they'll go to ace an exam. Plus, Dr. Phil shows you the latest cheating techniques being used in school.


"The pressure is definitely at an all-time high."


Competitive in Kindergarten?
How early is too early for parents to put pressure on their kids to perform? Lyss says she bought the Aristotle Circle program to help her 3-year-old son prepare for preschool. What does Dr. Phil think? 

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