Three months ago, Dr. Phil viewers witnessed one of the most dramatic interventions yet with Jaime, a 23-year-old addicted to OxyContin. Former guest and recovering addict Brandon and his mother, Debbie, helped Jaime's family perform the life-changing confrontation, but Jaime didn't respond well to the tough-love technique. The young woman flew into a rage, the police were called, and she was taken away in an ambulance. Find out how Jaime is now. Plus, two more addicts reach out for help.


A Tenuous Hold on Sobriety
After spending a night in the hospital after her intervention, Jaime agreed to go to treatment at La Hacienda. Now 52 days sober, Jaime returns, but it's not a happy ending yet. Are unresolved issues between Jaime and her mother, Kim, sabotaging her recovery?

"It got tough, and you bailed." 



Intervention: Saving Tony
Brandon and Debbie received a desperate call from a mother who was scared for her 23-year-old son, Tony, who was addicted to heroin and recently crashed his car while high.

Out of treatment but not out of the woods. 



A Baby at Risk
Tony's sister, Felicia, 28, is five-and-a-half months pregnant and addicted to Suboxone. It wasn't long after Tony got home from rehab when she asked him to help her get illegal drugs.


"The baby is going to be born addicted."