Thanks to reality television, Dr. Phil says teen moms have been celebrated " but are they accurately portraying the realities of young motherhood? As pregnant teen, Emily, gets a dose of reality, learn what Dr. Phil thinks is best. Will the teen pass or fail what could be the most important test of her life?



Babies Having Babies 

Jeanie and Charles say their 16-year-old's daughter's pregnancy has caused a major rift in their family as they disagree about what's best for young Emily and her unborn child. Learn what the parents did to try to prevent Emily's pregnancy and whether the teen intended to get pregnant. 


"She is not ready to be the mother of a child."


The Hardest Job in All the World

Emily's 12-year-old sister, Kristen, says she saw her big sister's big news coming, and Dr. Phil gives Emily a quiz about the high costs of raising a baby. Will the teen pass or fail what could be the most important test of her life " giving way to the hardest job she'll ever have? 


"She is very self-centered; it's all about her most of the time."


Romance vs. Reality

Real teen moms show Emily where the fantasy stops and the diaper duty starts. As each of the teen mothers share their story of hardship, and giving up forever the life they once knew, learn why Emily may be unwilling to listen to anyone. Plus, find out what Dr. Phil thinks the baby wants.


"I can think of no greater act of love."