A little over a week ago, Ted Williams was panhandling on the streets of Ohio, but he became an overnight celebrity after the Columbus Dispatch posted a video of him online. Now, Dr. Phil sits down with the man behind the golden voice to talk about his troubled past and meeting the challenges of sudden fame.


Dr. Phil Gives Ted Williams a "Prescription for a New Life."


 A "God-Given Gift"

Doral Chenoweth III, a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch, says it was just another slow news day when he decided to post online his interview with a homeless man who wanted a job as a radio announcer. Little did he know, the video would go viral.


"I hope he is able to manage this and have the kind of life that he really wants."


A Walk in His Shoes

Dr. Phil and Ted take a stroll down an alley as they reflect on Ted's life on the streets. Learn how the former homeless man is now dealing with his newfound fame. 


"You know your life has been anything but angelic."


Digging Deeper into a Dark Past
As the interview progresses at The Dr. Phil House, Dr. Phil asks Ted the hard questions. Learn why the 53-year-old father of nine walked out on his family more than 20 years ago and why he was arrested multiple times.


"I want you to own this."


Don't miss Ted's emotional reunion with his family!