Many women are itching to run to the altar, but Dr. Phil's guests say they're ready to run for the hills! Meet Kelly, who calls herself a runaway bride, and Chad, who says weddings are too expensive. Can he get them to commit?

Afraid of the Altar 

Kelly has been engaged four times but says she gets cold feet before she makes it down the aisle. Rick, her current fiancé, proposed four years ago and is still waiting for her to set a wedding date. 


What's at the root of Kelly's fear?

Will There Be a Wedding?

Chad and Candi have been engaged for over five years and have two children, but Chad says he's in no hurry to get hitched. He says weddings are too expensive, but Candi says he finds money to pay for the things he wants.


"I feel unwanted, and I feel unloved."


Jilted Bride?

If you plan the wedding and buy the rings, but your spouse-to-be leaves you at the altar with a big bill, should there be a lawsuit? Marilyn says her fiancé left her six days before the wedding. That's not the only thing she says he left her. She says he stuck her with a $150,000 bill " an allegation he totally denies.

"It destroyed me."  

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