Two teens say they have horrible secrets they've been keeping from their parents and are ready to come clean. Will their confession bring everyone together " or tear them further apart?



The Party Girl

Despite Allie's pleas for her mother's trust, Anna says Allie has betrayed her time and time again with her drug use. What more does she have to confess? Plus, find out the extent of the distrust and why Allie's own brother says he's grown to hate her.


"You tested positive for cocaine and benzos last week."



Bullied to the Extreme

Allie says she was bullied severely for two years in high school and ran to drugs to find comfort from the pain. Hear in Allie's own words the horror she experienced, and why Dr. Phil doesn't think it's too late to choose a better path.


"When you are in pain, you seek a way to escape the pain." 



A Secret Exposed

Lindsay has a secret so dark, she's asked for her image and that of her family's to be disguised. What will Lindsay reveal to her parents? And, will they set aside their anger and reach for a place of empathy and understanding?


"That is so much to take on at 14 years old."  

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