What causes some rational women to choose risky lifestyles? Dr. Phil, along with Kelly Cutrone, PR maven and Dr. Phil special contributor, examines the lives of two ladies heading down a path of self-destruction. Plus, the woman at the heart of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal speaks up!

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Young Mother Wasting Away

Jennifer, 25, says she spends her days binging and purging " even doing 9,000 crunches a day " and she's now weighs only 78 pounds. Her husband, Chris, says he feels powerless to help her, and he worries that she may die soon.

What's at the root of Jennifer's disorder?


See how Jennifer is doing now!

Desperate Measures
Jen says she's contemplating entering into a controversial profession for money. Learn what it is, and find out why Jen's situation brings Kelly Cutrone to tears.

"I could make about $1,500 a night."  


Rocked By Scandal

Ashley Dupré made headlines when she was named as the escort to Governor Eliot Spitzer. She reflects on how the scandal changed her life and has a strong message for Jen.  

Will Jen get a wake-up call about her risky career choice?

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