Dr. Phil goes into his mailbag to answer viewers' most popular questions! He has a little help from Teresa Strasser, comedienne and author of Exploiting My Baby Because it's Exploiting Me.


Future Still Golden?

When Dr. Phil last checked in with Ted Williams, the former panhandler turned viral video star had voluntarily entered treatment at Origins Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers. Now, Dr. Phil gives an update on his progress.


Fun-Loving Mom

Amanda, 17, says she's upset because her mom, Beth, parties more than she does. She says her mom has a sleeve of tattoos on her arm, gets drunk in front of her and is now living with Amanda's 19-year-old ex-boyfriend! Beth says she just wants to have fun, and she doesn't see anything wrong with her lifestyle.


"Are you sleeping with this boy?"  


The Man of the House?

Gigi says her 9-year-old son, Dontrel, wants her on a short leash. She says he expects her to give him her schedule and even called her 45 times in one day! She says she fears for her son's well-being because he ran away five times in a two-month period.


Manic Mommy 

Mommy blogger and Emmy Award-winning comedy writer Teresa Strasser talks to moms on the street to find out their biggest parenting and pregnancy concerns. Plus, learn the funnywoman's surprising question for Dr. Phil!

Weight-Loss Woes
Dr. Mike Moreno, creator of the 17 Day Diet, discusses his revolutionary new program. Then, Tom is a stand-up comic who lost 34 pounds on the diet. Now, the stay-at-home dad says his wife feels completely left out of his weight-loss journey.  

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Exploiting My Baby Because it's Exploiting Me
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