It's an emotional story that has captivated viewers for five years: John Clark's search for his three children, who were abducted by their mother more than 15 years ago. Recently, John received the happy news that his children and ex-wife, Eileen, were found living in London. See the moment John first spots one of his sons and witness the emotional family reunion we've all been waiting for! Plus, what is the status of Eileen's international kidnapping charges?

The Search is Over
Although John was told his kids wanted no contact with him, just before he got on a plane to London, he received an e-mail from his middle son, Hayden, 21. Find out what happened during their first phone call, and see the moment John meets his long-lost child outside a London courthouse before Eileen's extradition hearing.

"I just started crying, because I knew it was going to happen." 


Best Christmas Gift Ever
Private Investigator Harold Copus gives an update on the status of Eileen's international kidnapping charges. Plus, Chandler and Hayden give John the best gift ever " they come home to the States for Christmas. And, they sit down with their father and Dr. Phil. What do they remember? And, will John's youngest child, Rebekah, ever want to meet the father she doesn't remember?

"Even though the bond was separated for so long, it's still there." 


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