Today's guests say they go to the extremes to help the youngest members of their family excel. Can Dr. Phil convince these guests to step aside and reach for balance in the children's lives? 



Stage Dads

David and Ron say they spare nothing in the grooming of their tiny, toddler beauty queens. Get a glimpse into their world and learn why the men say it's the children driving their own "careers." Plus, hear from Ron's wife and what Dr. Phil thinks are the pros and cons of child pageants.

"This is about you and not about her."



The Opposition 
As audience members and guests argue, learn why Dr. Phil believes there may be several positive lessons a child may learn from participating in pageants.

Hostilities mount as women lash out against child beauty pageants.

The Pushy Stage Sister
Peggy's own mother, Nancy, agrees her oldest daughter gives new meaning to sibling rivalry. As Peggy coaches 4-year-old sister, Bridget, learn the extremes she'll go to and watch shocking video that leaves Dr. Phil deeply concerned.


"You're living vicariously through her."  

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