Kristie and Michael married and made a family, but when the union went awry nine years later, they divorced. Now they are embroiled in an all-out war affecting the most vulnerable members of the family " the children. Who will prevail in what Dr. Phil calls a very dangerous game? 


Tug of War over the Kids

Kristie and Michael describe their courtship as love at first sight, but nine years later, they are entrenched in a battle over their children. Find out the details of an Internet post by Kristie soliciting someone to beat up her ex-husband and why she may still be in love with him.


"OK, if you're keeping score, that's one for him."

Marriage Meelee

The exes recall the mud they've slung at one another, from accusations of animal and child abuse, to coaching the children, to a night spent in jail. Learn why Dr. Phil believes someone is being dishonest " and the disciplining message he has for both parents.


"You both can't be telling the truth here!"

Dear Daddy

Despite Michael's accusation Kristie is an addict who brainwashes the kids, Dr. Phil says the children need parents who will not destroy every joyful moment in their young lives. Will the couple agree to use new tools to handle co-parenting?


"This isn't a victory that she's writing these things about her father."

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