A woman living in crippling fear of an attack, a man on the verge of his 50th plastic surgery procedure and a groom-less bride " today's guests have gone to the most desperate of measures.


Home Alone

Even with a gun, two Dobermans, a security system and a stun gun, Caroline still says being alone in her own home is absolutely torture for her. Why is she so frightened? And, learn why Dr. Phil thinks her phobia can be cured in only days.


"I can't go on living like this. I can't."


Addicted to Surgery?

Hoping to one day get a record-breaking 50th cosmetic surgery procedure, Steve has already spent $300,000 on his surgery hobby. Does Steve have a more serious disorder looming? Hear from doctors, and even a friend, and then decide for yourself.


"He's had pretty much everything done."


Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Who says you need a groom to plan a wedding? Not this bride, who's completed all the details, large and small, for her pending nuptials. Learn her reasons for this social experiment and hear why credible matchmakers say she's going about it all wrong.

"Marriage is not a wedding day and a beautiful dress."

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