What's a woman to do when her spouse is constantly standing over her shoulder and nitpicking everything she does? Dr. Phil talks to two women who say they're fed up with their spouse's controlling ways. Plus, the conversation takes an unusual turn, and Dr. Phil goes toe to toe with one husband!


Domineering Spouse?

Michelle says her husband, Jim, has controlled her for the 15 years that they've been together, and she's fed up with his faultfinding. She says he tells her what to wear, how much she should eat, and even uses a GPS to track her whereabouts! Jim admits that his behavior is out of control and fears that he could be pushing his wife out the door.


Why is Jim so critical of Michelle?



Fearful of Losing Control

Jim reads a letter to his wife that explains what's at the root of his domineering ways. Is she convinced that he truly wants to change?


"I've been telling him for years that he needed to change his ways."



Nitpicking Husband?
Sally says her husband, John, is so controlling that she spends most of her days picking up dust bunnies from the floor and only speaking when he allows her to. John says cleanliness is next to godliness and believes control is a matter of perception. See what causes him to go toe to toe with Dr. Phil!


Will the couple get the help they're seeking?   

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