It's the number one cause of divorce: money. If you and your partner don't get real about your financial woes, your marriage could be headed for disaster.



Bethany and Bob

Bethany says her husband, Bob, docks her $50 allowance if she doesn't do her chores right. Dr. Phil says, forget about saving your money, Bob; let's talk about saving your marriage! 

Achieving financial and marital harmony.



Tony and Kelly
This couple is $30,000 in debt, and Tony is a big dreamer who keeps starting businesses that fail. Dr. Phil gives them some advice they can take to the bank!

Are Tony and Kelly still in the red?


Jamie and Darcy

A shopaholic wife is sending this family to the poorhouse. What she's really trying to purchase, she won't find at the mall. Dr. Phil explains.


Are you buying affection?