Money can make or break a relationship. Dr. Phil talks to three couples who are in need of a major overhaul when it comes to their finances. How can they cope, and what solutions are in sight?

Mismanaged Money
Sonya and Vincent are $50,000 in debt and risk losing their house. Vincent is unemployed, and Sonya feels her husband isn't being responsible. She wishes he'd "step up to the plate, and take on the role of head of this household!"


Not All Fun and Games
"I have the urge to gamble," says Aaron, who has kept his addiction a secret from his wife. "I blew our entire life savings of $30,000 and am about $100,000 in debt." He says gambling has cost him his friends, and he fears his family is next.

Financial Foes
Kristen and Jason say they constantly battle over finances. Married just six months, their arguments over money have caused them to separate three times. How can they solve their disagreements, get out of debt and save their marriage? 


View their stories and Dr. Phil's advice.

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