When Alexandra from the Dr. Phil Family last sat down with Dr. Phil, she revealed she's homeless, has lost custody of her three kids, is panhandling for money, and her relationship with her fiancé, Tony, is on the rocks. Get a glimpse of a day in her life, learn the surprising reason she settles for men with troubled pasts and find out why she and her mom, Erin, are still at odds.


"I worry that Alex may not be taking the necessary steps to get her life in order, and I want to make sure she stays focused," Dr. Phil says.


Get caught up with the Dr. Phil Family.


"I Say Things about You that I Wish You Said to Yourself"

Alexandra says she wants to focus on fixing herself and getting her life back on track. So, why does she let Tony stay with her when he's not meeting the requirements she says she's set for him? Dr. Phil drills down to determine why Alexandra settles for men with troubled pasts.


The young mom breaks down in tears when she makes a surprising admission.


"Where Do You Think Your Life is Headed?"

Alexandra allows the Dr. Phil cameras to follow her to see what her life is like on a daily basis. See how she spends her time, what her plan is for the future and why she is unable to find a house to rent.


"I run the risk of not fitting into the class."


"You Can be a Great Mom to Those Kids"

Alexandra hasn't seen her children in more than three weeks, and broke a promise she made to her 3-year-old daughter, Leilah. Are drugs to blame? Plus, watch the hostile exchanges between Alexandra and her mom, Erin, and see what's driving a wedge between mother and daughter now.


"My mom makes me feel like she does a better job than I do."

"You're So Much Better than You Tell Yourself."

Dr. Phil doesn't mince words when he tells Alexandra the obstacles that stand in her way and what she needs to do to get get her life back on track. 

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