Today's guests say the green-eyed monster is tearing apart their marriage. Can Dr. Phil help fill the void of trust and calm suspicions before it's too late?




Sneaking Suspicion

Mike is certain his wife, Paula, has been unfaithful to him. He tracks her movements via surveillance cameras, has installed listening devices and checks her cell phone at least once a day. How can Mike ever know for certain? 


"I will skin you alive." 


Caught on Tape?

Mike asks Dr. Phil to examine evidence he believes shows his wife cheating. What will Dr. Phil conclude? And, when Paula takes a third polygraph test at the behest of her husband, will that quash Mike's questioning, or only confirm what he thinks he's always known? 


"I don't want to do this anymore." 


Wondering Wife

Tara says she has no reason to mistrust her husband, but is still consumed with irrational jealousy. As Dr. Phil talks Tara through her worst fear, will he be able provide her a degree of comfort " and rescue this relationship?


"You clearly live in fear of being cheated on." 

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