Fifteen-year-old Madisen's life has been torn apart by trouble, and she says what she wants more than anything is just a place to belong. She admits she's made terrible choices, including trying to get pregnant. Is her mom strict enough? Is her stepmom too strict? Does her dad care at all? Can Dr. Phil help turn this troubled teen's life around?  



Piecing Together a Puzzle

In this family, there is plenty of blame to go around. Did the teen's step-mother, Sue, make her father, Justin, choose between them? And did Justin really try to forfeit his parental rights? Plus, Dr. Phil shows these parents how their behavior has left a gaping hole in a young girl.


"I don't ask myself why she is the way she is. I ask myself why not?"


Madisen and Justin haven't spoken since a blowout that involved the cops and a trip to the E.R. How will they react when they see each other? And, Madisen becomes emotional as Dr. Phil does something for her that no one has in a long while.


"Do you think you matter to me right now?"


Bloom Where You're Planted

Madisen says that at just 14 years old, she actively tried to get pregnant, but miscarried and is trying again. Could she be pregnant now? Plus, hear the heart-wrenching things this teen has done just to be loved and find a place called home. Will Dr. Phil be able to get through to her?


"Everybody wants a place to belong."


Heart to Heart
Dr. Phil sits down one on one with Madisen, sending her parents away. If he hasn't gotten through to her yet, will he now? Learn what he asks of her. Plus, Dr. Phil has a gift for Madisen that can turn her life around. Will she accept? You won't want to miss this powerful segment.

"It is not too late for you to create the life that you want, need and deserve."

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