Three self-professed ladies' men say they have slept with scores of women " without any protection! Dr. Phil and a former Navy Seal deliver a wake-up call these guys won't soon forget! And, ladies, listen up! Andrew, Ryan and Mason reveal their tricks, games and scams that you need to know! 



Love, Ladies and Liaisons

The Dr. Phil show has seen its share of young moms, and the question remains " where are the men? Wonder no longer because they are here today. They aren't fathers yet, but Dr. Phil says their behavior will land them there. Be a fly on the wall as Dr. Phil grills the men on their womanizing!


"You're not going to be the last person I sleep with."


Operation Wake-Up Call

Andrew, Mason and Ryan settle in at the Dr. Phil House and think they are about to embark on a thrilling night out, but they are about to get the lesson of a lifetime at the hands of former Navy Seal Richard "Mack" Machowicz. What surprises are in store, and will the men respond?  

"That's the greatest way to sabotage your life."


Pay to Play

The men learn from Mack that life in the fast lane doesn't come without consequences " serious ones. As their world continues to be rocked, we hear from Andrew's ex-girlfriend and Mason's mother, Angie. How will Angie react when told her son has slept with close to 100 women?


"Do you want to be men, or do you want to be punks?"


Cringe and Grow Up

The men soon come to realize that they have much to fear from practicing unsafe sex. When faced with very graphic photos from urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman, will they be scared straight? Plus, what has Ryan done that indicates he's willing to heed the lessons he's learned?


"These three guys are armed and loaded weapons." 

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