Two moms say they don't see eye-to-eye with their daughters about the boys they date. Are these mothers overreacting, or are their concerns justified?


Melanie vs. Michael

Melanie isn't shy in saying she's no fan of her daughter, Caylin's, boyfriend, Michael, 24. She calls him a drug abuser, a gangbanger, even gay. Learn which accusation Michael freely admits. Plus, how does Caylin feel being in the middle of this feud?


"I think my mom is crazy."



If It Looks Like a Duck ...

Alone with just mother and daughter, Dr. Phil implores each of them to see the other's perspective. Learn Michael's other bad behavior that Melanie says doesn't help lessen her negative opinion of him. And, Michael first agrees, then refuses to take a drug test. What is he hiding?


Will Michael finally submit to the test?


Breaking Up and Broken Hearts

Mackenzie says she's had her heart broken not once, but four times by her boyfriend. Her mother, Lori, says she has stood by and watched for too long. How did this mom intervene? Can Dr. Phil get through to this love-struck teen and her worried mom?


"You're missing finding someone who loves you to the ends of the earth."

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