Robert and Crystan turn to Dr. Phil, desperate for help with their 14-year-old daughter, Hannah. They say their beautiful, sweet girl has turned into an angry, out-of-control teen, and they think their family is on the brink of disaster. Could these parents be doing something that is causing her behavior? 

Out-of-Control Family Hannah has been caught shoplifting, been accused of arson, has run away for weeks, pulled a knife on her father and threatened to have her parents killed. These frustrated parents say they're forced to call the police for help several times a month. Hannah says her father is abusive and frequently hits her. Why does Robert say he's had to "whoop" his daughter?  

"I am afraid of Hannah. It seems that Hannah's rage is building." 



Hannah's Side
Hannah opens up about the abuse she says she's received. Find out the shocking way she got back at her father for the pain she says he caused. Can Dr. Phil intervene before someone gets seriously hurt, and can this family heal?  

See a powerful exercise with Hannah and her father. 

Dr. Phil checks in with Hannah three years later. See her now!

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