They struggled with infidelity, fought all the time, and one couple hadn't had sex in a decade. Dr. Phil checks back in with some of his most memorable couples to find out who made it work and who didn't.

Learning to Fight Fair 

Robin and Glenn spent every day of their seven-and-a-half-year marriage fighting and were on the verge of divorce.

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Find out what happened after the show.



Atrocious Table Manners 

Remember Stirlyn, who burped and passed gas at the dinner table? His wife, Billie-Jeanne, thought it was disgusting and wanted her hubby to be a good role model for their two boys.

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Ten-Year Dry Spell

When Leonard and Debbie came on the show, they hadn't had sex since his heart surgery " 10 years ago! He wanted to fill a Viagra prescription, but she was afraid that sex could harm him.


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Like newlyweds again!



Money Mistrust

 When Tony and Kelly appeared on the show, they needed help with their money problems. When they came back, Kelly was having a hard time trusting Tony with the ATM code.


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Update: Since then, Kelly has given Tony the ATM code, but not the card! They both say they're happy with the arrangement.



Unfaithful Husband

Daniel had cheated on Teresa several times in their 13-year marriage. He said it was like an addiction for him to be with other women and that she wasn't giving him enough sex at home.

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Did they stay together or call it quits?


Reason for the Rage 

Jenni brought her husband, Brad, to the show because he got so angry while watching sports that it frightened her. She had no idea that Dr. Phil would help Brad uncover the secret behind his rage.

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