Scientists believe they may know why some people are quicker to anger than others. A new study suggests that inside a rageaholic's DNA, "a warrior gene" may be pulling the strings.  Could today's guests be genetically predisposed to fits of fury? Plus, don't miss their reaction when DNA results are revealed!



The Tasmanian Devil

Lori, 38, is a self-professed Tasmanian devil who works herself into such fits of anger she's brought on symptoms of a heart attack. Lori says when her tornado-sized fury picks up, nothing and no one is safe. But, Lori knows she has a problem, and wants to control her temper for her sake and her family's. Will she listen to Dr. Phil's words of reason?


"and that's when you know the explosion is coming."



A Danger to Himself

Lindsey, 24, would like to someday marry her boyfriend, Bryan, 32, but his temper has all but stalled their future together. Don't miss Bryan's emotional breakdown on the Dr. Phil stage and shocking footage as his rage percolates to a full-blown meltdown. Learn why Dr. Phil thinks there may be hope for Bryan yet. Plus, find out the three emotions anger veils. 


"What doesn't set me off?"



Big Brother Bully

Scott Long learned on the reality television show, Big Brother, that bad behavior and verbal outbursts are rewarded in high ratings, but since leaving the house and his castmates, he's had to come to a very starkly constrasting reality. Learn to manage your anger, as Dr. Phil illustrates how to protect your rights while still showing empathy for others.


"Have you ever had your ass whipped?"



Fight or Flight?

Lori, Bryan and Scott at long last find out the results of their DNA test. Could they have the warrior gene? Plus, Dr. Rose McDermott explains the research, while anger management counselor Shannon Munford details some simple ways to have needs met without using anger to push people away. Will today's guests vow to make positive change " or use the results as an excuse for more bad behavior?

"This is not an excuse to go out and rage against people."



Managing your Anger

Before letting anger get the best of you, consider these tools for managing your rage:

  • Take a time-out and get some space
  • Exercise
  • Think before speaking
  • Don't hold a grudge
  • Use humor
  • Practice relaxation tips.

Dr. Phil told today's guests how to resist anger through a connection to the authentic self. Learn more about the authentic self.

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