Do you have an idea that could become a huge success? From Liquid Paper to the Diaper Genie, and the Clapper to the Chia Pet, there are plenty of homespun ideas that became big moneymakers. Find out if your invention has potential, or if you're wasting your time, money and jeopardizing your family, friends and future. How do you know when it's time to give up on your dream?

Who Made the Cut?
Hundreds of viewers sent their creations to Dr. Phil. Which ones could be million-dollar success stories? Home Shopping Network's Kathy Levine joins Dr. Phil to weigh in " and to offer one of the inventions a spot on the network.

Take a look at some inventions.



A Hair-Raising Idea

Lisa was a single mom making $14,000 a year ... until she invented a hair clip and other products that have made millions.




Both Lisa and Dr. Phil offer advice for inventors.


On the Brink of Greatness?
Lynda's idea came to her in a flash " a hot flash. She says that her "Cleavage Coolers" could be the answer for menopausal women ... but how does she know if it's time to give up on her dream?


View Lynda's product, her story and Dr. Phil's advice.



Toy Takeover

Greg has spent $1 million trying to create the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles craze. Are his non-violent action heroes a good investment?




Take a look at Greg's story.


Too Much to Bear?

After working for 18 years and spending $50,000 on a teddy bear that he's patented, David asks Dr. Phil, "Should I give up, or should I continue?"



**Note: The correct Web sites for David's teddy bears are or**

Learn about David and his Teddy-2-Cute idea.

Update: See how his life has changed!