How much should looking good factor into your relationship? Sandi says that after six years of marriage, she misses her husband, Otto's, six-pack. Will he agree to hit the gym? Then, Dawn worked hard to shed 150 pounds, and when she met Paul, sparks flew. He thought she was hot " until she undressed. What is she hiding? And, Cynthia says she's embarrassed by her boyfriend's outdated wardrobe, and refuses to be seen with him in public! Can a professional makeover change her opinion?



The World According to Sandi

Otto says looks are a priority for him " just not his own. His wife, Sandi, says she's worked hard to keep up her figure, and wants her husband to do the same! Will she persuade him to change? And, find out why Sandi once encouraged her best friend, Charisse, to wire her jaw shut! Was she being cruel or helpful?


"The only thing thin in her world is her and the air."



Teaching a New Generation

When Sandi and Otto's children are with dad, they indulge in donuts, but with mom, it's healthy foods and workouts. Dr. Phil weighs in on the controversy. His advice to the couple may surprise you!


"I make them do sit-ups."



Half the Woman She Used to Be

Dawn's extreme weight loss brought forward a new day in her life " and she met her best friend, Paul. The couple seemed to be on the right track to romance, until he saw Dawn in a swimsuit. Discover what Dawn was hiding " and why Dr. Phil may be reluctant to help the couple.


"It's an ugly reminder of being 300 pounds."



Stuck in the 70's?

Cynthia says she's dated Sal for almost a year, but won't introduce her boyfriend to her children for one reason " she's embarrassed by his outdated looks! A Dr. Phil show makeover may just have this couple singing a fresher tune!


Can a makeover help this couple reconnect?

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