Trying to blend two families can be like mixing oil and water. Dr. Phil sits down with couples struggling to merge their families and create happy, peaceful homes.

Playing Favorites?
Samantha and Rob are on the verge of divorce because she says he favors their 4-year-old son over her children from a previous marriage and is too hard on her kids when it comes to discipline. Rob feels his wife undermines him in their home. Can these two align and create a parenting plan that they both agree on?

Dr. Phil explains what they're doing wrong. 



A Shaky Foundation
With six kids between them, they may look like the Brady Bunch, but Pete and Maureen say their life is no sitcom. Pete says he and his wife can't agree on how to raise each other's kids, and every argument brings them closer to a divorce. Two of their children explain what their home life is like with parents who fight all the time.

"My mom and Pete fight about stupid things." 



Missing the Bond
Kelly says she's struggling to bond with her stepchildren. She fosters resentment because they are nothing like her and were given so much before she came into the picture. Is this normal, and what can she do to change it?

"They didn't choose their life."